MHK Quarantine Challenge


Challenge has ended.

View the leaderboard below for final results.


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Manhattan Running Company and Mathis Rehab Centers are partnering on the MHK Quarantine Challenge to motivate people to stay active. We will run a weekly challenge and prizes from local businesses for the winners. Anyone with a Garmin device can participate. We will share exercise data with the group on the leaderboard but no other personal data will be shared

How it works:

  • You sign up and link your Garmin Connect into our system (follow the information below)

  • Once you fill out the forms all you need to do is sync your device daily and it will populate into the system for you to begin competing

  • You will then receive 2-4 emails a week of how the competition is going and who is currently winning the weekly challenge

Weekly challenges:

Intensity Minutes (Week 1 and 3)- your device will track your intensity minutes when you exercise (any type, the more intense the better). 

Steps Challenge (Week 2 and 4)- we will go off of the weekly step total for each individual

What to expect:

  • Several weekly updates on the challenge with leader board and group data

  • Tips and tricks from the therapists at Mathis to help keep you running and active

  • Weekly prizes for the winner to support local business


Free!! We are doing this to support the community for the month of April to keep people going until we are released from the Quarantine. 

How to sign up:

  1. Fill out the form below.

  2. You will then be redirected to Pro-Activity.com

  3. Once there fill out the information

    • In the “Company” box enter MHK

    • In the “Provider” select RxWellness

  4. Connect your Garmin Connect account

  5. You are officially signed up!



If you are having trouble signing up please call 785-539-9669 and ask for Luke