Foam Rolling

A foam roller is a tool that allows one to perform general joint and self-soft tissue mobilizations to certain areas of the body. Various studies have shown that foam rolling may have multiple benefits including short-term pain relief and improved range of motion without a decrease in muscle strength. When to use a foam roller:

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Shoe Wear and RunPrep

As spring and summer weather approaches and we become more active outdoors, it’s important to inspect the footwear we are using for our activities. Whether it is for outside working in the yard, walking, running, or playing outdoor recreational sports, it is important to have properly fitted shoes that support your feet. Below are some

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Sport Specialization in Youth – Maybe not as good as it seems

The pressure for children and adolescence to specialize in a sport at a young age is rising. There are benefits and risks associated with pressuring children into sports specialization.     Early sports specialization can lead to increased self-esteem, self-discipline, and stronger peer relationships (Nyland, 2014). These are a few of the benefits of early

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