Get (back) into running… The healthy way!

Whether it is your first time running or if you just took some time off, getting (back) into running can be difficult. When starting out, it is important to follow a series of steps in order to ensure that your body is able to adapt properly to the new, beneficial, and sometime painful demands placed. When returning to running be sure to:

  • Ease into a routine

  • Gradually increase the distance

  • Establish a base of fitness

  • Gradually increase speed and pace


Of this checklist, listening to your body is probably the most important. Although running is not almost the most comfortable, be aware of the warning signs of injury and slowly allow your body to adjust. Rest days are an important part of training and should not be considered bad or weak. It has been shown that taking at least one day of rest per week of training has decreased the amount of injuries in runners. More than one day may be needed for runners over 40 years of age. Also, remember to fuel your body properly for longer events and training. Lastly, stretching is a key factor in runners. It has been shown to increase flexibility and decrease injuries if performed regularly post exercise. By putting all of the pieces together running can be an enjoyable and healthy experience! Call Mathis for a running evaluation to prevent, or reduce, your pain! Also, be on the lookout for videos posted to our social media accounts for tips on stretching, mobility, and other exercises to better yourself!

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