Workers Comp

Workers Comp Physical Therapy

When someone gets injured on the job look to our therapists to expedite their recovery process so they can get back to work safely as soon as possible.  We assess the worker’s current functional abilities and gather information regarding his/her job requirements.

To maximize the outcome, it is imperative that there is positive communication between all involved in the worker’s compensation case (patient, case manager, employer, physician).  Our therapists will provide detailed and timely reports and will not hesitate to pick up the phone and communicate directly as needed to ensure the patient is getting what they need to have a positive experience and result.

Therapy will utilize a combination of manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercise, body mechanics training, modalities, and simulation of workplace activities.

Employer Services

One of our goals is to help employers hire smart, reduce injury risk, and strategically and safely speed return to work for injured employees.  We offer the following employer services;