Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

Using Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy (BFR) or also known as occlusion therapy is one of the fastest growing evidence-based techniques available today.  BFR is the act of safely restricting venous blood flow from a working muscle, while still allowing arterial blood flow to that working muscle. This technique is normally done in conjuncture with low intensity resistance training.  Since the ability of that blood to escape is dramatically reduced, metabolic stress and cellular swelling are greatly increased.  This technique is only performed by our Doctors of Physical Therapy that are certified in BFR.

How Can BFR Therapy Help

  • Drastically improve your post-surgical recovery time
  • Treat muscle atrophy in both acute and chronic pain
  • Less stress on joints and tendons
  • Increase your endurance/ VO2 Max with as little as two BFR training sessions per week
  • Uses the latest evidenced-based rehab/exercise programming available