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RxWellness Prevention and Wellness Program

RxWellness and Direct to Employer Services

With an emphasis on musculoskeletal (MSK) health and its inseparable connection with health & performance overall, it is the mission of RxWellness to design prevention and health promotion strategies tailored to each workplace that will decrease the burden of injury/illness and promote wellbeing.

The RxWellness strategy is to focus efforts on getting upstream, keeping healthy people healthy, and avoiding the costly burden of the current healthcare system. People want care that works, professionals want to provide that care without excessive burden, and purchasers want it at a fair and transparent price.

Why Direct to Employer Services?

There is a slow but definite shift in mindset and the landscape is changing.  Some employers are engaging in well thought out wellness programs.  Some due to shear necessity and survival, others are doing it as a proactive strategy to improve employee engagement, increase productivity, and to decrease healthcare expenditures.

When companies had a focus on employee satisfaction and well-being, the 100 best companies to work for in America between 1984-2009 demonstrated year over year annual returns of 3.5% as compared to industry benchmarks.  These same companies also exhibited significantly more positive earnings surprises and announcement returns

Six in ten adults in the US have a chronic disease, and four in ten have two or more. $3.3 Trillion spent on healthcare annually in the US or $3675 per American per year.

Most of the spending is concentrated on the sickest few.

Analyzing the Whole Employee

RxWellness provides direct to employer services through the use of high tech and high touch programming that combines the elements, Move-Fuel-Recover-Endure-Connect, to improve population and individual health.

  • MOVE (exercise, move your body, move your blood)
  • FUEL (healthy nutrition)
  • RECOVER (adequate sleep and rest)
  • ENDURE (positive coping so that you can continue to pursue your life goals)
  • CONNECT (social, societal, spiritual connectedness)

RxWellness will tailor a wellness program specific for your company with an emphasis on musculoskeletal health.  Services include:
  • Health literacy and education
  • Biometric data capture and screening
  • Health data capture and aggregation
  • Musculoskeletal triage
  • Digital surveillance of health behaviors/markers
  • Health coaching
Patients – want care that works.
Professionals – want to provide the care without excessive burden
Purchasers – Want it at a fair and transparent price

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