Headaches and Physical Therapy

How Physical Therapy Can Help with Headaches

Treatment Options for Headaches

Physical therapy is definitely worth trying when headaches are too often a part of your everyday life! Treatment at Mathis Physical Therapy for headaches can be extremely effective and work quickly. Some patients have come into the clinic with a headache in their first visit and left without one! However, persistent headaches that are musculoskeletal in nature and have been occurring for a long time may not go away completely until they are addressed with therapy.

Manual therapy performed by a physical therapist can provide significant relief to headache symptoms. Manual therapy techniques may include: joint mobilization/manipulation, soft tissue mobilization or manual traction.

Dry needling is performed by a trained clinician to help alleviate the tone and tension that can occur with cervicogenic headaches.


Specific exercises for neck pain and headaches will be prescribed by your therapist. These will help correct posture, improve strength and decrease muscular tone associated with headaches. These will also be helpful in preventing the recurrence of headaches.


What to Expect at Physical Therapy

Headaches can be caused by a large variety of conditions including tumors, vascular problems, sinus issues, and more. Some headaches are caused by issues with our muscles and joints. Mathis Physical Therapy can treat headaches that are caused by musculoskeletal issues including muscle tension and tightness, disc pathology, lack of neck motion, poor posture, and even tightness in the back between the shoulder blades. Many patients who come to therapy with neck symptoms will also report frequent headaches, some unaware that the two may be connected. Some patients come to therapy with headaches only.