Therapy Services

It is our mission to change lives by optimizing physical health.  Whether it is playing with your kids, working, competing at your highest, or participating in any activity, movement is at the center of it all.  When circumstances prevent or restrict your movement, a physical therapist can help you restore your function and get you get back to your natural self. 

Examples of what your physical therapist can help you do:

  • Reduce/eliminate pain, inflammation, and swelling

  • Avoid surgery

  • Recover and regain strength and mobility after surgery or injury

  • Teach you new skills to help with daily activities

  • Improve general mobility

  • Help you improve your balance and reduce your risk of falls

  • Increase strength, flexibility and resilience

Techniques our therapists may use

  • Manual therapy (joint mobilization and manipulation, soft tissue treatment)

  • Exercises

  • Dry Needling


  • Blood Flow Restriction

Treatment Goals: 

  • Restore maximum function

  • Expedite recovery

  • Prevent recurrence

  • Promote long term health and wellness