Did You Know? It’s National PT Month!

mathispt-logoDid You Know??

It’s October, which means it is national physical therapy month. Our physical therapists (PTs) take pride in providing exemplary patient care across a wide population. PTs undergo extensive research and education in post-graduate universities and maintain up to date on the latest research by completing 20 continuing education units (CEUs) each year.   At Mathis, we can assist patients to restore and improve function and mobility in response to many ailments, pain, and disorders.This October, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) is utilizing public awareness. The focus is on choosing safe alternatives to opioid consumption to alleviate pain. There are circumstances where opioids are appropriate, but may include several side effects. Physical therapy is one of these safe alternatives! To show support, you can join the campaign by using the hash tag #ChoosePT.At Mathis Physical Therapy, we offer many services. Some services include: spine care, hand therapy, ASTYM, singularity wellness, and dry needling. With the direct access bill (HB 2066) that was passed in March of 2013, patients no longer need a referral from a physician. This means you can visit us directly to evaluate joint dysfunctions, mobility issues, and pain. A PT will conduct a thorough evaluation, educate the patient, continue care, and individually tailor a treatment and rehabilitation regimen.http://www.apta.org/Media/Releases/Legislative/2013/4/1/http://www.moveforwardpt.com/choose-physical-therapy-over-opioids-for-pain-management-choosepthttps://www.apta.org/National_Physical_Therapy_Month/Message_from_APTA_President_Sharon_Dunn,_PT,_PhD.aspx 

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