Meet our Therapists – Katelyn Keith, PT, DPT

Kate-picWhere did you grow up?

A small town called Penokee in northwest Kansas, just outside of Hill City. No, you haven’t heard of it, and if you have – we’re probably related somehow.

What are some activities you were involved in in college?

Most notably, I was in a sorority at K-State which made a huge impact on my college years and lift after. I was also a member of Powercat Pride, which gave me the opportunity to volunteer at Vanier Football Complex and help with recruiting new players for the Cats.

What do you like to do for fun?

I love going to the movies, seeing live music – mostly country, playing volleyball and basketball in rec leagues, and meeting up with friends in Aggieville. During the summer, I prefer to be on the lake or near water in general!

What are some of your favorite foods?

Pretty much anything my mom makes, or anything I don’t have to make.

What activities were you involved in growing up?

I was involved in sports year round, as well as showing cattle in 4-H and FFA. And if being a pain to my older siblings counts, then I definitely was busy with that too.

Are you a big K-State fan?

Absolutely, I’m a 2012 alumnae of KSU and have season tickets to both football and basketball. Purple has it’s own pile when it comes to sorting laundry.What do you find most rewarding about your job?I think the highlight of my job is when people come back and say they feel better or their pain is gone or decreased. Making connections with people and working in a fun, energetic atmosphere also helps.

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